raining_frogs (raining_frogs) wrote in transanime,

I drew this for Valentine's Day, but I didn't get around to posting it until now. :P His stockings took forever! There's a lot more art in my journal as well.
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aww he's so cute ^_^
i love it!
Hehe! Thank you! <3
OMG so cute!!!!

I so want to have you draw me someday.


Love the new site BTW.
Yay, thank you! Drawing you would be so fun! :D I hope I'll have time to do it some day. *curses hectic life* And I'm so glad you like the site too! Thank you for telling me the old site didn't work, by the way, it helped spur me into action and change it! :)
::Smiles:: any time. Your one of my fav artists...! I may also be buying some of your ebay stuff some day.
A bit late, but still very cute. :)
Thanks so much! :D