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Intersexed Fanfiction

Hi everyone! Er... is anyone here?

Um... I know this is a bit of an oddball place to post this, but there's precious few places on LJ that are really suited for this. I recently completed a Final Fantasy VII fanfiction wherein the focal character, Reno, is depicted as a hermaphrodite. It derives itself from talk in some fan circles about how feminine/androgynous Reno is usually drawn and written, and I thought, well, what if we followed on that a little? So I conducted an experiment.

I was interested in the treatment of an intersexed character in a setting just as hostile as our own world, and with a character who, himself, is at war with his own identity. A lot of the language in the story may be incendiary for some, as a result, but for me it was all about reader reflection. The story is... still, nevertheless, not very gentle, but I thought there would be some here that might be interested. =3

Title: Glass Slipper (1 of 3)
Words: 11582
Rating: NC-17
Series: Final Fantasy VII (set pre-game, during Before Crisis era. No major spoilers for BC.)
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and characters copyright and trademark Square Co., LTD., aka Square Enix, 1996-2006. Used without permission for nonprofit fan appreciation.
Pairings: Rude/Reno. OCs/Reno.
Warnings: Squick. Weirdsex. Sorta-yaoi, sorta-hetero-with-quasi-genderswitch (hermaphrodite). Vulgar, inflammatory language. Nonfluffy Turks.

( Fake-cut to journal. )

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