goku-m (gokumum) wrote in transanime,

Manga with transgender content

Recently I have been reading some mangas with hints of ts:

Les Bijoux: the main character Lapis Lazuli switches between a male and a female identity (like Ranma), but he/she cannot control the changes.

Basara: here the main character, a girl called Sarasa, has to take over the role of her twin brother Tatara and fight their enemies as a boy. Her appearance and behavior are male, but in her true heart she remains a young woman.

Princess Kaguya: The main character Akira Okada is a very male looking girl. She lives from a very young age in a lesbian relationship with her stepmother, and her stepsister also is in love with her. Her behavior and appearance is masculine. Actually she is a donor for a wealthy chinese princess, who looks exactly like she does, and who also shares the male persnonnality touch. I didn't real all of the manga yet and look forward to see the relationship the two will undergo.
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